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Jacinthe Gosselin

I am an InterDimensional Energetic Master Consultant, Reiki Master Teacher Trainer & Crystal Medium. The InterDimensional Healing Oracle, takes into account Most Possibilities, w/ Multiple Layers of Depth and Insight. It is Spiritual, Extremely Accurate because it was Channeled through Divine Grace & the Akashic Realm. DM me on Insta, on the Deck's page - of the same name! I can send you the Electronic accompanying Guide Book, should that interest you. This Beautiful Deck comes with a Window Box to help keep these lovelies Safe. This is an Empowerment Tool to help Tap into Present Moment Truth, , Akasha & your own Cosmic Wisdom. Your Inner Guidance Can;t Be Wrong! It is Your Connection to Divinity. Trust your Instincts. Pay close Attention to the varying Symbolisms of: Light (leading or touching something), flowers, adjacent cards, animals, colors... Use open-ended questions & not yes/no. Every Deck is Infused w/ Reiki & Crystalline Light Codes, to help you have Magic-Filled Readings.

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