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Jacinthe Gosselin

A little about myself. I am an InterDimensional Energetic Master Consultant & Reiki Master Teacher Trainer. Simply meaning that I speak Energy. This Spirit-Centered Deck has been created to be a training guide in conjunction with my Reiki Mastery Training Course AND as a Stand Alone Deck. The Akashic Intuitive Oracle Deck, takes into account most possibilities, with multiple layers of depth and insight. It is extremely accurate because it was absolutely channeled by Divine Grace. These are Intuitive Cards and there is NO book included, however an online one is coming soon! This is an Empowerment Tool to help you tap into the Akasha (field of energy containing all information, within all timelines, Book of Life) and your own Cosmic Wisdom. Your Inner Guidance Cannot Be Wrong! Trust Self & Source. Pay attention to symbolism of: Light (leading or touching something), flowers, adjacent cards, animals/bugs, colors... Use open-ended questions, not yes/no. Comes w/ box. Reiki infused decks.

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