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Your Own Photo Matching Game


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Your Own Photo Matching Game


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Improve your kid’s or baby’s memory with our personalized memory matching game set with gift box

How do you keep a child engaged and excited in traditional children’s games? Make them part of it is the answer. With our personalized matching memory games you can fully customize it using 24 of your favorite photos of your kids or a mix and match of the whole family. Upload your photos onto our easy to use online memory matching game maker, preview it and when you’re happy, put your order through and we’ll deliver it worldwide in any quantity. The more you order the cheaper it gets! We print your photos on high quality and durable thick card pieces and also give you a matching personalized gift box as well.

The nature of this game will bring many hours of fun play for 1 or more players. Turn all the card pieces with your photos side face down. Each person chooses 2 cards and if the photos match, that person keeps the pair. If they don’t match, they put it back photo side face down and wait for their turn again to see if they can find or remember where they might be able to find a matching pair. The winner is the player with the most number of matching photo pairs. Great way to improve kids or baby's memory using an exciting and engaging matching game.

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