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When it comes to deciding what gift to give to someone on some occasion whether it be a birthday, wedding, Valentines, Christmas, anniversary or some other, we always face the dilemma of whether the gift idea that we spend hours thinking about and spend a lot of money on, will be unique and put a smile to the recipient's face. We at, have made the task of finding the perfect gift to give on any special occasion a breeze!

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Unique personalized photo gift ideas suitable for anyone

Have you ever thought about personalizing a gift to give to someone special? Not just by adding their name onto the gift but adding their photos onto the gift too? At, you can do just that on a range of personalized photo gifts which you can customized just the way you want it on our easy to use and intuitive online gift maker. First, choose your gift, then add your photos taken from your digital camera or an image scanned and uploaded to your PC, add text onto the gift if you want to add a message or two, preview your design and make your order. We deliver gift orders to anywhere in the world so, even if you can't be there in person to celebrate an occasion with a friend or family, you can still send them a personalized gift which is unique, personal, keepsake and highly affordable, which also show's sentimental thought has gone into its making.

Choose from a range of great gift ideas which are fully customizable on our online gift maker. Start here and choose something to personalize from our growing list:

Make your own Personalized Photo Puzzles

Photo jigsaw puzzles are great gifts to give to people of all ages from little kids to retired grandparents. It's an engaging game that requires logical thinking and gives satisfaction upon completing all the pieces. Here at, you could make your own photo puzzles from your own photographs which you can upload to our photo puzzle maker. Choose from a wide range of designs, collage puzzles with different colors and layouts or go for the most popular blank canvas where you start from scratch to add your own photo and text. If you don't want to add a photo to your design, no problem! Choose our background and text photo puzzle where you can choose the background color and add text choosing from a variety of attractive font types.

Create a personalized photo puzzle for your wife or husband on their birthday bearing a photo of the both of you or create a wedding photo puzzle for the happy couple. Our jigsaw puzzles sets are suitable for kids as well so why not upload a photo of them and create a jigsaw puzzle and give it to your kid as a birthday or Christmas gift or simply for just doing well at school.

You could also upgrade and convert your photo puzzle into a magentic photo puzzle for even more fun. Stick the magnetic pieces of your photo jigsaw onto the fridge surface or any metal area to hold up all those important notes, shopping lists, must do lists and of course, some photos prints as well.

Our puzzles comes in 2 sizes, 16.5" x 12" and 10" x 8" and in 12 piece, 54 piece, 100 piece and 285 pieces (12 and 54 piece for magnetic puzzles option) so you could choose a jigsaw cutting that is suitable for any age. Our latest addtion to the range is the 5" x 7" photo puzzles which you could add images or just choose the background color and add a personal message. These 5"x7" designs are great for party invitations with a gimmick. Send your guests a puzzle which they have to build before being able to decipher your message to them. Add a photo to it too which makes it a great keepsake and souvenir for your event. Create your own photo puzzle now which comes complete with a matching gift box set which is personalized with your photo as well.

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Make your own Custom Playing Cards

Playing cards can be used to make up thousands of different games that are great fun to play and be enjoyed with family and friends. Every owns a few decks but how many people do you know that has a deck of custom playing cards with their own photos printed onto them? Imagine bringing out a deck of custom personalized playing cards out for play. You could develop new game rules with these custom playing cards. It's also a great way to preserve and show off your holiday snaps, wedding photos or photos from a special occasion such as a Christmas party, a farewell do or a collection of your favorite photos with your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend to make up a romantic gift at Valentine's Day or as a personal gift for their birthday. The possibilities are endless. Custom playing cards can also be used for companies who want to promote their business using the cards as a promotional gift to clients showcasing their portfolio. Order in bulk and we'll print your chosen images onto playing cards at low wholesale prices. The more you order, the cheaper a deck of playing cards get.

Our custom playing cards online maker is one of the most user friendly and versatile tool in the market with the largest and comprehensive range of layout and formats to choose from. Upload up to 108 of your top photos to our online playing cards customizer and design the front and back of the cards the way you want it. If you don't want to upload a photo or picture, you can choose our 'Background and text' option which allows you to choose the color of the card and add text in a variety of fonts with your chosen colors. We also offer custom cards for personalization too, which are cards without the playing card numbers i.e. ace to king. Create your own custom deck of cards exactly the way you want them only on

All custom playing card orders comes complete with a plastic case per deck, but if you want to go one step further to personalize the box as well, we do that too! Start now and create your first deck of personalized photo playing cards and join in the fun!

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Make your own Picture Dominoes

Dominoes have been around for centuries, played and enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. The game consists of domino pieces split vertically in half down the middle with dots on each side traditionally in black and white. While this game can be played by adults as well as kids, kids may not find the traditional dots and colors of dominoes attractive enough to be played consistently. Now you can make and design your own custom dominoes to make this game ever more engaging. On our online custom dominoes maker, you can choose your own dots and card piece colors on the front and add your photo to the back of every piece of a domino set. Choose from a range of fun colors such as black cards and red dots or green cards and yellow dots. The combination is entirely up to you!

Alternatively, you can also modify the game a little by replacing the traditional domino dots side on the front to photos that you upload from your own PC. So instead of matching dots during play, you can match photos of your family and friends instead. Why not make a set of photo dominoes containing the faces of your family and relatives and bring them out for some family fun during family reunions.

You could also make your custom dominoes set an educating game for young kids. Upload your own chosen pictures for example, a car, a house, a dog, a cat, etc, and teach them to recognize objects during game play. Text in a variety of font types can also be added to cards for extra versatility. Our online personalized dominoes maker is programmed to automatically place your uploaded photos or images on respective domino card pieces so you can be sure, your set is made properly.

Your chosen pictures and photos are printed on high quality industrial printers and domino card pieces are made from quality card measuring 25mm thick to ensure a long lifetime. Complete with matching personalized gift box.

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Make your own Memory Matching Games

Need a game to play with kids which is educational as well as fun and engaging? Why not make your own set of custom memory matching game which are suitable for kids of all ages. You could even teach your infant child to play this game where the rule of the game is to put all 24 card pieces face down so you can't see the other side. Each player picks up 2 cards in turn to see if the pictures on the other side match. If they match, then they keep the pair. If they don't, then you put them back down in the same position as you picked as up face down.The next player then picks up another 2 cards to try to match them both, but can use their memory to try to remember the previous player's cards and their positions. This keeps on going until all pieces are matched and the winner is the player with the most number of matching cards.

While traditionally, memory matching games are purchased off the shelf, here at, you can make your own set choosing your own pictures that you have on your PC or upload photos that you have taken from your digital camera. There are 24 pairs so all you have to do is upload 24 photos or pictures and our intelligent online memory matching game maker will make up the entire set for you consisting of 48 pieces.

This is a great game to play with your kids or as a great birthday party gift for your kids and their friends to preserve photos that was taken during their party. Or for younger kids, upload pictures of farm animals or every day objects around the house to educate them as you play.

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Make your own Photo Calendars for Home or Office

Add a touch of home and family into your office with personalized photo calendars with 2 types to choose from. Our wall and desk calendars are perfect for any office or in the home. Chosoe to add up to 13 photos to each each and on our wall calendar, you can go even further by personalizing each and every day of the year with a photo and an event name so you can remember all those important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, conferences etc. Fully customizable and made to the highest quality with hard-wearing, durable material finished off with a glossing finish. Printing quality of these calendars are second to none, rich and vibrant.

So get started now and make your own photo calendars with our easy to use online calendar maker and personalize your home and office with professionally made custom calendars.

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Make your own Photo Magnets for your Fridge

Everyone has a fridge or a fridge freezer at home which takes up a lot of space in their kitchen or in their garage. Why not make good use of the space by decorating your fridge not with just ordinary fridge magnets but with customized photo magnets. Our first in the series of custom magnets are 2.5" x 3.5" with many more coming. Make fridge magnets with photos of your family or drawings by your kids to hold up your developed prints, your kids drawings from school and not forgetting all those important notes.

Our photo magnets are made with the finest materials and engineered to the highest standards. Flexible and bends over curved surfaces and with a strong magnetic grip so no more things slipping off the fridge door. The best things is that these custom magnets can be made for as low as 17 cents each. Talk about cheap! Go make yours now and see how fun your fridge can be!

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Make your own Heart Puzzles with Standing Frame

What can you give to your other half on Valentine's Day, their birthday, your anniversary that shows your love and devotion to them but yet, won't break the bank? We have the perfect gift solution for you! Why not make a personalized heart puzzle with your favorite and most romantic photo of the both of you on holiday, your wedding or just a casual snapshot of the both of you together? On our heart-shaped puzzle maker, all you have to do is upload your chosen photo, preview how it would look and make your order. It's as simple as that!

What's more, all our heart photo puzzles comes with a free standing heart frame where you can mount your completed heart puzzle onto to sit on your office desk or on your mantel piece, so you can be reminded how much your girlfriend or boyfriend loves you. The free heart frame can also be mounted onto a wall, so decorate that plain bare wall that you have in your house and make it romantic. The free heart shaped photo puzzle frame can be customized with the color that you choose on our online builder to make your gift personal and unique to you.

Photo heart puzzles can also be a great gift for Mother's day or for your mother or father for that matter on their birthday or any other special occasion There's nothing more that a parent wants than to know that their kids young or grown up loves and appreciates them for all the things that they have done over the years. perfect gift idea for showing love!

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Make your own Photo Greeting Cards

Everyone sends greeting cards every year for Christmas wishes, birthday greetings, Valentine's, get well soon, sorry messages, wedding anniversaries, etc. You go to the shops and look for a card that contains some photo or picture which reasonably fits your fancy and suits the occasion and then customize it by writing your message in the inside of the card. At, you can go several steps further by customizing the entire greeting card with your own photos and messages in a variety of attractive font types.

Our greeting cards are suitable for any occasion because the card is completely personalizable from front, inside to the back. Choose the layout that you want on each side offering a range of layout choices on photo and text size, placement and number of elements. Upload your photos and start dragging and dropping to respective photo slots. Add your text in the font and color that you choose, preview your finished design and make your order.

Create a photo card for Valentine's day with a romantic photo of the both of you together, create a photo card for a wedding celebration and add a wedding photo to the card, or even for a sorry greeting card, personalize it with a photo of you looking sad which is sure to put a smile to the recipient's face. The possibilities are endless! You choose the layout of the greeting card, you add the photos and the messages and we'll send it to the address that you want anywhere in the world.

What's more, you get free shipping on photo greeting cards when you order any other item together. We also offer generous bulk order discounts so design your card here and order more to save more money. Think about Christmas holiday cards, wedding party cards. Why not personalize them for a more personal and fun experience.

We'll be adding personalized photo invitation cards to our range soon as well so come back and check regularly. Photo invitation cards are great for wedding invites, party invites or family announcements.

Make your next greeting card or invitation cards personal by creating your own on

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Make your own Tote Bags

Go shopping in style with your own personally designed totebag made with heavy duty, heard-wearing, canvas material. Choose to add your favorite photo and a message to your bags. Make one for different occasions such as for going to the beach, to go shopping in, to the gym, school or even to work.

Custom totebags makes great gifts to give at Christmas, birthdays or even for anniversay as a unique gift. Simply take a photo of the happy couple and upload it onto our canvas totebag maker and you're done. We print you bags using the state of the art industrial garment printers making sure your product coems out colorful, sharp, smudge-free and will last for years to come. Start now and make your own tote bags.

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Make your own Personalized Note Books

Personalized note books are great for people of all ages such as kids, adults, right through to grandparents. Note only are they practical for your everyday life but personalized notebooks are great fun to make too right here on's custom notebook maker.

Choose photos to put on the covers including the front, inside front, inside back and back. You also have different layouts and background designs to choose from and also a choice of 50 or 100 plain or lined pages to suit your needs. Our notebook range is always expanding so come back and check.

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Make your own Photo Mouse Pads

Start your personalization journey with us by personalizing the computer area that you're going to use to personalize your items with us online at Customized photo mouse pads are a great way to put your mark on your personal computer workspace and also make great birthday presents to friends and family. Our custom mouse pads comes in 3 shapes including the standard rectangular, round and also heart shaped mouse pads perfect for weddings and girlfriend, boyfriends. They are also great photo gifts to give on Mother's day and Father's day to show your love to the ones who look after you tear after year.

Our custom mousepads are made from high density black foam which is durable, stain resistant, and slip-free, giving you years of fun use.

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Make your own Photo Aprons

Getting your kids into the kitchen helping out can be a difficult task but it'll get a lot more easier if they had their own fun personalized aprons made especially for kids. Before you know it, they'll be asking you if they can bake a cake or even help you with the dishes. Our custom aprons also comes in adult sizes too.

Our aprons are made from 100 white polyester, stain resistant and durable. What's more, your chosen photo will be printed on the front of the aprons using high tech printing technology meaning you can out them through in the wash without colors fading.

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New Unique Personalized Gift Ideas

We're constantly adding new unique photo gift ideas to our growing range so come back often for great ideas for your next gift to someone special on any occasion. Bookmark us now »