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Personalized Ornaments

Choose between different ornament types

Pewter Ornaments

Perfect for the holiday season, this elegant cut piece is made from zinc aluminum with a silver thread attached to the top in a distinctive snowflake shape.

Acrylic Ornaments

Treasure your photos with these high quality acrylic ornaments. The shiny material brilliantly shows off your photos on both sides of this piece. Comes in a range of different shapes to suit every taste.

Ball Ornaments

An exciting new way to decorate your tree with this one-of-a-kind genuine glass ornament, your photo is printed inside the ball and can be viewed on both sides.

Ceramic Ornaments

Incredibly shiny and implausibly sleek, ceramic is makes a great solid base to print your photos onto. A range of unique shapes choose from.

Wood Ornaments

Timeless and full of character, these wood pieces are a great way to compliment your Christmas tree. As well as photo printing, have a look at our laser engraved pieces so you can show a special personized message.

Engraved Glasses

An impressive and exquisite piece made from glistening ultra-polished glass cut to precision. Declare a memorable message to your loved ones with a laser-engraved message on them.

Glass Prints

Glass is a marvelous finish to display your photos in, and projects a sense of prestige like no other. Each ornament is cut to precision with a smooth, beveled edge and looks lustrous next to a light source.

Metal Ornaments

Durable and sleek, these metal trinkets will look amazing on any tree for years to come. Images printed on these pieces look ultra-vibrant and retain incredible detail due to the high-heat technology used to fuse images on them.

Cube Ornaments

These fantastic and novel cube decorations are made from scratch-proof coating wooden cube. Customizable up to 5 panels.


or choose from our categorized designs to start personalizing:

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Wedding & Anniversary

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Mini Personalized Ornament (One Image)_copy


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Personalized Photo Acrylic Ornament Round Shape

Father's Day

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Baby's 1st Christmas Personalized Glass Ornament

New Baby

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