Personalized Camera Straps

Personalized Camera Straps

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Design Your Own 1.5

Design Your Own 1.5" Camera Strap

Personalized Full Color Print 2

Personalized Full Color Print 2" Camera Strap

Purple Chevron Personalized 1.5

Purple Chevron Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap


Orange Chevron Personalized 1.5

Orange Chevron Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap


Yellow Chevron Personalized 1.5

Yellow Chevron Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap


Hot Pink Chevron Personalized 1.5

Hot Pink Chevron Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap


Pink Chevron Personalized 1.5

Pink Chevron Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap


Baby Blue Chevron Personalized 1.5

Baby Blue Chevron Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap


Lime Green Chevron Personalized 1.5

Lime Green Chevron Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap


Watercolor Blue Floral Personalized 1.5

Watercolor Blue Floral Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap

Aqua and Blue Floral Custom 1.5

Aqua and Blue Floral Custom 1.5" Camera Strap

Watercolor Floral Personalized 1.5

Watercolor Floral Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap

Aqua and Pink Flamingo Custom 1.5

Aqua and Pink Flamingo Custom 1.5" Camera Strap

Multi Color Shells Custom 1.5

Multi Color Shells Custom 1.5" Camera Strap

Colorful Dot Personalized 1.5

Colorful Dot Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap

Navy Sailing Yacht Personalized 1.5

Navy Sailing Yacht Personalized 1.5" Camera Strap


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Purple Chevron Personalized 1.5


(Total: 14 items)

Personalized Full Color Print 2


(Total: 2 items)

Orange Chevron Personalized 1.5


(Total: 16 items)

Design Your Own 1.5


(Total: 10 items)

Create your own personalized camera straps in 2 sizes

After investing on an expensive camera, the last thing you want to happen is to damage it or worse, lose it at work or somewhere during your travels. At Printer’s Studio, we recognize the importance of your camera and keeping it safe. Our custom camera straps can be trusted to carry your cameras around with you. Whether you’re a professional photographer who takes photos around the world as a profession, at wedding events or company events, or someone who enjoys exploring the world or your back garden and taking photographs with you everywhere you go, our camera strap is a convenient and fashionable camera accessory that you need to get your hands on today! With our quick and easy online camera strap maker, all you need to do is upload your designs or photos, place them on the camera strap template and we’ll professionally print it for you.

Fully customize the camera shoulder strap with any design to help promote your business, photography service and photography studio, photography company or yourself as a freelance photographer by having your company logo, branding colors, designs, names and initials printed onto the entire surface of the personalized camera strap. Our personalized camera straps aren’t only great for professional use, if you enjoy taking photos in your free time or whilst your on holiday, you can carry around your camera in style with a unique camera neck strap. Design your own camera strap with your favorite artwork, patterns and graphics and finish it off with your name or if you’re gifting it to a friend or family, you can have their name printed instead for a personal touch.

Our custom camera neck straps come in 2 sizes, a custom 1.5” camera strap or a custom 2” camera strap both offers a comfortable fit and depends on your camera strap width preference. Our personalized neck straps are made of high quality polyester which your designs are professionally printed on, a PVC leather back which helps the custom shoulder strap to grip better onto your neck, shoulder or clothing so your camera does not move about whilst you’re on the go all providing a durable and long lasting customized camera strap which can be used for a long time. It also has 12” adjustable leads on each end so you can adjust the length of the personalized camera shoulder strap according to the photograph you’re trying to shoot or at a comfortable length when you’re on the move.

Personalized camera strap specifications:

  • Materials: Made of polyester (front), PVC leather (back) and PU leather ends.
  • Measurements: Total length 50", customizable area 21" L x 1.5" W / 21" L X 2"W.
  • 12" adjustable leads on each end.
  • Personalize with your own photos, graphics and artwork.
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