Custom Game Mats

Print game mat with your own photos and designs

Choose a game mat size

Your trading cards needs
a custom game mat

Step Up Your Game

Create your own custom game mats. Great for tabletop game lovers or create and use as a playmat for kids to play on. Full color printing with many different sizes that fit your trading card games.

Choose Your Game Mat Material

High tech neoprene is used as the standard option for the backing of our game mats, which makes the mats lightweight, flexible as well as machine washable and easy to fold up and store.

Rubber (Heavy Duty)

An option to upgrade to premium rubber to be used as backing for the game mats is available. The rubber offers more of a non-slip surface as well as a denser and more dependable support for game mats. It is still relatively lightweight and can be machine washed, as well as being flexible enough to roll up and store. Double side printed game mats are available with a rubber backing.

Full Color Printed

Custom game mats are a great option for game designers looking to enhance their card games. Give your trading cards the protection that they deserve while being played. Custom full color printing of your design artwork. Use your imagination and design a game mat that is original and yours.


What's more, you can change the environment of your card game very easily by flipping the mat over. We offer double sided printing on our rubber game mat option.

Design your own game mat

Make dinners fun and lively for your kids with colorful personalized placemats. They are a perfect addition to pretty up kitchens, dining room tables, parties and outdoor barbecues or even for your pets food area. We have single sided or double sided printing options to choose from. Upload your own photo, graphic or design onto our easy to use online builder or choose from existing cute and appealing templates we have on offer and simply type the name you wish to be printed onto it. Your images are printed onto durable ultra-heavy laminated paper with a lamination finish so that your images are protected and easy to clean after use.

Game mat specifications:

  • Full color custom printing of your design artwork included
  • Standard game mat printed on 2.5 mm thick game mat made from premium fabric with a neoprene backing
  • Single-sided rubber mat printed on 1.5 mm thick game mat made from premium fabric with a rubber backing
  • 2-sided rubber mat printed on 1.9 mm thick game mat made of premium fabrics with rubber sandwiched innards
  • Rectangular sizes available: 28" x 23.5", 28" x 14", 24" x 14", 14" x 12", 11.4" x 9.4", 16" x 10"
  • Square size available: 18" x 18"
  • Easy to roll up & to store
  • Rubber is machine washable