Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Motivational

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"Overall... I am very pleased with the products and will likely expand the typres of products that I create and purchase. Your delivery is unbelievably efficient and fast! There exists problems in the cropping tool area of your template. Your cards are on veery good card stock and the envelopes are of high quality. This is a major reason for my renewed business. I hope the other cropping and colour issues can be addressed and resolved to make the products return tpo thoer original high level of quality and value to my business."
Rockport Canada
Personalized design 3D Samsung Galaxy S4 Slim Case
  • Size: 3.6'' x 5.5'' (91.45mm x 139.7mm)
  • Quantity: 1 Piece(s)

Card stock:Glossy


An important life skill.

Design ref: 111804931188
About the design:

Designer: Jon Bell [See this store]

My shop.

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