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Personalized Photo Gallery, 12

Personalized Photo Gallery, 12"X12" Wall Calendar


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Personalized Photo Gallery, 12

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Personalized Square Wall Calender

Be square tells us to be different: This 12" x 12" / 30,5 cm x 30,5 cm wall calender for sure makes the difference. This timer is where your companies appointments, birthdays, trade fair and event scheduling belong. Your annual plan, your dispositon, your arrangements, all paramount data are available at a glance. You design it, you use your photos, your logo and above all your company data. As it is always visible this calendar is the low-key hub of perfect timing at your office. And your marketing message meets the eye day after day. Your photos are looked at, your words are read and your logo will be well remembered. Individualized attention makes this wall calendar a powerful though unassuming marketing tool at a reasonable price.

As soon as you have decided to use this square wall calendar, choose the first month and take either the 12 months or the 18 months period version. Your design makes the ultimate difference. It creates the image of your company just as customers, clients and colleagues see it every day. Get started now. It's online, it's easy. This is truely your calendar - each day of the year.

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