Why open a shop?

Sell your designs

Are you a graphic designer, illustrator or a photographer? Would you like to earn money from doing what you already love to do? Sell your design is a free online marketplace where you can upload your own artwork to products to be sold worldwide. Choose from a range products of your choice, make them look the way you like, and publish them at a store for potential buyers from all over the world.

Business without the hassle

Setting up a shop is easy and completely free. Sell Your Design takes care of all of the essential business logistics, from inventory and stock management, to the delivery and handling customer service, leaving you the freedom to focus on your designs and building your brand.

How much you earn from a selling your product depends on the mark up price that you set on top of the base price for your product, minus a 5% handling fee. Every product has a base price, which is the cost it takes to make and print the product, you want to add a mark up price on top of that which will become your profit after your product sells and has been delivered to the customer. There is no extra charge to set up a shop or to post your product for sale at Sell Your Design.

For example:

Sell your designs with PrinterStudio

The above is based on a product base price for a puzzle at . If you wanted to sell your design for , you would mark up your selling price percentage by 40% above the base price (i.e. plus ), therefore the final selling price for the puzzle would be . Sell your design will charge a 5% handling fee from your earnings per sale, which is 5% of = handling charge in this example. So if a customer bought this design of yours, you will earn through this sale.

Shipping and delivery

We offer worldwide shipment through our fast and efficient logistics network. Sell Your design can provide a one-stop service from manufacturing of the products, to delivering your orders packed in robust and insulated packaging direct to your clients globally. Shipping fees are calculated in our online system during checkout which is added to the order price.

Tracking numbers

We provide tracking numbers for all US orders and are optional for rest of the world. Customers can track their order online on our site. We take care of the entire shipping process.