How to earn money?

Set your mark up price

Upload your images to our online builder and create your product to put onto your shop. Each product has an initial base cost, which is needed to manufacture it, add a mark up price to that base cost (up to 500%) and sell your product for that price. The higher you set the mark up, the more you can earn.

Earning Per Sale + Shop Performance Bonus = Your Total Earnings

How much you want to sell your design and product for is completely up to you. You can mark up to 2.5 times the amount of the base cost of a product you sell. The base cost is the price it takes to create and print your product. You will earn the profit from the price you mark up (minus the 5% handling charge from the sale of the product). The final price of your product on sale is a summation of the base price plus your markup percentage.


Sell your designs with PrinterStudio

The above is based on a product base price for a puzzle at . If you wanted to sell your design for , you would mark up your selling price percentage by 40% above the base price (i.e. plus ), therefore the final selling price for the puzzle would be . Sell your design will charge a 5% handling fee from your earnings per sale, which is 5% of = handling charge in this example. So if a customer bought this design of yours, you will earn through this sale.

Shop Performance Bonus

Apart from the earning per sale that you get as a result from orders of your items, you can also earn a Shop Performance Bonus. This is an additional bonus from us to you when your shop makes accumulated earnings of over in any 1 month period (resets on the 1st of each month. The more you sell, the more extra you will earn, so get promoting!

If you have more than one shop space with us, each shop space will perform individually and cannot be accumulated together to earn the shop performance bonus.

How to check your sales

You may check your shop sales record by logging into your account reports section anytime.