111606467135-CATCH THE BULLY

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Customer Testimonial
"My order was for puzzles and the memory game. I was very satified with the quality of your work and the materials used. Also, service was fast and delivery took less time than your estimate. I was very pleased with everything from ordering on your website up to delivery of the finished products. I highly recommend your company."
Gisele Lamoureux, Canada March 06, 2014
Poker Custom Cards (Blank Cards) Black Border
  • 2.5'' x 3.5'' (63.5mm x 89mm)
  • 54 Pieces
  • Card stock:Standard 300gsm (smooth)
  • Packaging: Shrink wrap

Similar to the memory card game in which all of the cards are laid face down on a surface and two cards are flipped face up over each turn, but there's a twist to this one-of-a-kind anti bullying card game. Download game guide at cobraman(dot)ca

Design ref: 111606467135
About the design:

Designer: Michell Archibald [See this store]


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