Personalized Wall Calendars

Personalized Photo Wall Calendars

3 popular sizes to choose from

8.5" x 11"

Choose our popular standard sized calendars perfect for any home or office.

12" x 12"

If you like things square, this calendar will be perfect for you!

11" x 14"

Get the most out of your calendar and print out large photos onto them


or choose from our categorized designs to start personalizing:

Photo Gallery, 12”x12”

Wedding & Anniversary

(Total: 43 items)

Wall Calendar 14”x11”, Light Blue

New Baby

(Total: 6 items)

Photo Gallery, 8.5”x11”


(Total: 3 items)

Photo Gallery,, 14”x11”


(Total: 73 items)

Make your own fully personalized wall calendars

Calendars and personal photos are a great way to brighten up any wall in any home or office but have you ever thought about or even knew that you could combine these two to make a photo wall calendar?

At, our online calendar maker is so easy to use, you'll be up and running and ordering your first personalized calendar within minutes. All you need are your favorite photos and you're ready. A variety of choices to choose from including making a calendar that has 12 or 18 months and also the choice to pick your desired starting month. You can also choose from a range of artistic background designs to use each month and also a large choice of layouts to apply your photos to so you're not restricted to using only 1 photo per month but up to 13 photos.

What's more, you can even personalize each day of the year individually with a photo and an event title. So get started and fill in all those important dates such as family and friends birthdays by uploading their photos or mark important dates such as anniversaries and meetings.

Our photo wall calendars are printed at the highest quality with a shiny gloss finish on durable material, so you be be rest assured, your calendar will last throughout the year looking professional.

Wall Calendar specifications:

  • Choose from 60+ design templates and backgrounds
  • Showcase 1-12 photos each month for your enjoyment 365 days a year
  • Personalize dates with photo and text
  • Choose your starting month
  • Top quality construction printed in heavy cardstock with durable spiral blinding.
  • Size 8.5x11 inch offer two cardstock option of premium paper 250gsm in glossy finish or value paper of 157gsm in matte finish.
  • Size 12x12 inch and 11x14 inch print in premium paper 250gsm with glossy finish.
  • Photo pages are glossed and date pages are matte for easy jotting of notes and reminders